Unlike ‘traditional’ hot yoga methods our studio is heated to 90°F. On average, 25°F below other ‘traditional’ hot yoga studios.  Allowing for fluid and seamless sequencing and a more powerful flow with greater therapeutic detoxification from our FIR (Far Infrared Radiant) panel heating system. Be prepared to sweat!

The Hot Box Yoga offers Power, Hipster, Flow, Lunchbox, Zen, Yin, 50/50, Detox, Hip Hop Yoga, Private Classes,  and Team Athletica*.  All styles of hot yoga are suitable for all levels.  We promote and remind our students to go at their own pace, set their own limits, always respecting their body of any restrictions that may need to be addressed.  At The Hot Box Yoga, we leave our egos at the door.


Power is a vinyasa-based class that links powerful breath with dynamic flowing movements.  Often referred to as meditation in motion, Power also known as, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, has now grown to encompass many different styles and teachings across the world and is the number one yoga practice in North America.  Power is an ultimate experience for people who are ready to tap both their physical and spiritual power.  The practice is a combination of different traditions of yoga that combine for a dynamic mix of sweat and spirit.  It will tone your body and electrify your mind.  It is a flow that has many different levels, allowing beginners, intermediate, and advanced students to be challenged in the same class.  This flow will torch calories, tone your body, and relax your mind.  Be prepared to sweat!!!


vinyasa flow class that is designed to open up your hips, which facilitate in releasing emotions. Like the junk drawer in your house, the hips are where negative emotions, such as stress, fear, and sadness are energetically held. Supple hips can ease back pain, give you a more agile gait, and may improve circulation in your legs.  You will come out of this class feeling open, both physically and mentally; ready to enjoy the remainder of your day without carrying any of the extra stress or baggage you might have entered the studio with before your ‘Hipster’ hot yoga class.  Always challenging, yet always suitable and essential for every yogi.


Just like mom’s lunchbox, you’re just not sure what you’re going to get.  And although you won’t be able to trade sandwiches with your fellow classmates you’ll definitely come out feeling restored, rejuvenated, and ready to carry on with the rest of your day.  This hot yoga class is only 50 min. so you’ll have plenty of time to scarf down your own lunchbox in our lounge before you return to work.


Rejuvenate the body with this blended sequence of Yin/Restorative yoga.  Beginning with deep stretches designed to target the deep connective tissues, increase flexibility and open the meridians of the body.  Followed by a relaxing restorative sequence that will softly unfold the body to ensure complete relaxation into the postures.  Come away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and restored.


A fun and dynamic vinyasa flow with no boundaries! Be prepared to be challenged and inspired. Sequences can include sun saluations, standing, balancing, seated and twisting postures and may even include introductions to arm balances and inversions. Flow is not a set series, allowing instructors the freedom to play with alignment and movement. You will finish feeling energized, calm and ready to face your world. Free your body, free your mind, and free your spirit so you can flow with grace throughout your day.


Yin is a powerful hot yoga practice which targets joints, tendons, ligaments, and fascia within the body. Each posture is held for long periods of time to encourage the slow and safe opening of connective tissues, leaving the yogi with an overall feeling of lightness, spaciousness and peace. The Yin hot yoga class is the perfect antidote to stress and a great counter balance to more active styles of yoga (ie. Power). Yin class is recommended to all levels of yogis.


Are we selling raffle tickets? Nope! But whether you are a power yoga lover or a yin enthusiast, this class is a winner!
We all need balance in our lives, and 50/50 brings the best of both worlds to your mat. We will start with a power inspired flow to get you working hard and sweating out impurities, then slow it down for the second half of class and focus on deep restorative postures, meditation, and pranayama to melt away stress and leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and empowered. Don’t take chances with your yoga practice. Come to 50/50 and find your center of balance!


Twist, rinse and renew with this yoga class that is designed to completely detoxify your body as well as your mind. Through the use of specifically designed twists and compression poses you will rinse the spine and internal organs, ridding them of harmful toxins. The result is a completely refreshed feeling throughout the entire body. Detox yoga helps with weight control, clearing your skin, and increasing your energy! Please remember to drink LOTS of water after this class to help flush the released toxins out of the body! *All levels welcome.

Hip Hop Yoga

Make your move. Find your groove.
Fluid vinyasa flow sees a strong collection of postures that become a powerful sequence. And an abs session that’s going to hurt tomorrow. Because we can. Loud beats help you move: Biggie, Jay Z, Frank Ocean. Acoustic electronic, and reggae, tune in while you tune out. Bend. Stretch. Harness your practice. Let go.


Take your practice to the next level with YogaSTRONG. A high-energy, fast-paced, power-based vinyasa class combined with light free weights designed to boost your strength, build lean muscle mass and rev your cardio – all fundamental elements to advance your yoga practice above & beyond your expectations. Expect wicked beats and an amazing sweat in this mind/body connected total body workout.

Team Athletica*

At The Hot Box Yoga we are happy to have partnered with so many elite UBC athletes including T-Bird Football, T-bird Baseball, the Women’s National Field Hockey Team as well as our Ambassador and Olympic Silver Medalist (Ski-Cross) Kelsey Serwa. Team Athletica is a sequence specifically designed to meet the physical demands of athletes of all kinds –  On a physical level this sequence will open the body, releasing muscle tensions and stresses, whereas on a more subtle level, it helps relax the mind and attain a deeper level of consciousness, thus enabling you to go further.  Athletes who integrate Team Athletica into their training regime will notice improved performance, reduction of strain and injury, and heal their bodies from past and present injuries.

*Available through private bookings only. Min. 3 students – max. 60 students. Please email for rates and to reserve your booking.