What Is The Cost of a The Hot Box Yoga® Franchise?

The Hot Box Yoga® financially pre-qualifies all prospective franchise partners who can confirm that they have the total investment price of approximately $250,000.00 with approximately $100,000 in unencumbered (free and clear) cash. The total investment price includes the initial franchise fee, build out costs, opening and operational costs. The amount can fluctuate per location depending on the leasehold improvements, current market conditions and negotiated rental rates.

How Much Money Will I Make?

That depends on the franchise partner and their ability to operate the studio effectively. Determining factors like following operational budgets, fixed costs, cost of financing, and sales volumes all affect the bottom line and profitability.

Is The Hot Box Yoga® Accepting Franchise Applications For The United States?

No. The Hot Box Yoga is currently focusing on the Canada marketplace, with future plans for USA and International expansion.

Do I Need To Have Franchising Experience To Operate The Hot Box Yoga® Studio?

No. Previous experience is not a requirement. The Hot Box Yoga® provides ongoing training and support that will properly prepare every franchise partner with the appropriate tools and information they need.

Do I Need To Know How To Teach Yoga?

It is not required for the franchise partner to teach yoga, although a passion for yoga is a must.

What Is The Hot Box Yoga® Looking For In A Franchise Partner?

All eligible The Hot Box Yoga® franchise partners must, at a minimum, have the following qualities:

  • Minimum 2-years management experience
  • Individuals that possess a desire to achieve and grow rapidly with The Hot Box Yoga®
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, grit and tenacity
  • Enthusiasm and devotion to work daily in the studio
  • Comfortable knowledge and experience with computers
  • Ability to read, understand and manage financial statements
  • Willingness to learn and follow The Hot Box Yoga® manuals and procedures
  • Team player
  • Superior organizational skills
  • Acceptable credit history
  • Sufficient liquid assets (i.e. cash) to invest into the business

Does The Hot Box Yoga® Offer Financing Arrangements?

The Hot Box Yoga® does not provide financing for eligible franchise partners. Prospective Hot Box Yoga team members considering owning a franchise are recommended to refer to the studio lessee agreements section.

Can A Franchise Partner Own More Than One The Hot Box Yoga® Studio Location?

Yes, The Hot Box Yoga® is looking for prospective franchise partners who are capable of operating multiple The Hot Box Yoga® studio locations.

What Is Term Of The Hot Box Yoga® Franchise Agreement?

 The Hot Box Yoga® Franchise Agreement is a 10-year term.

Is The Hot Box Yoga® Franchise Partner Required To Be Managing The Day To Day Operations of Their The Hot Box Yoga® Studio?

It is highly recommended that every Hot Box Yoga franchise partner understand and experience the day to day operations of their location on a management level. A minimum of 40-hours per week is mandatory. It is completely acceptable for a trained The Hot Box Yoga® franchise partner to eventually hire and teach a suitable studio manager to take over the “hands on” responsibilities.