I’d like to come to a yoga class…what do I do?

Please review our online schedule at www.thehotboxyoga.com or download our App ‘The Hot Box Yoga’ to review scheduled class times.

New students should arrive at least 15 min. prior to class time. Pre-registration is reserved for pass holders only and not mandatory.

Pre-registration is not mandatory as we reserve spaces available for walk-ins. Be prepared to sweat! Wear comfortable, non-non-restrictve, light-weight, breathable clothing. No shoes are to be worn in the yoga room. Shower facilities are available for use after class.

Choose to bring your own mat or rent one at the studio for just $2. We also have towel rentals available ($2) and water for purchase.

All classes are suitable for all levels and beginners/new students are always welcome.

I received a free class voucher, a GROUPON or a charitable gift card – how can I use this?

Bring your voucher with you to the studio, You won’t be able to make reservation or book a class until it’s redeemed but don’t worry we always have available spots for drop-in customers. Upon your very first visit be sure to arrive 20 min. prior the scheduled class time. Online reservations are not available using free class vouchers, GROUPONS or when activating a charitable gift card UNTIL REDEEMED IN PERSON. Telephone reservations will not be taken.


I’d like to make a reservation for my friend. Can my friend use one of my classes from my punch pass?

Unfortunately you are not able to make a pre-registration for a friend due to liability reasons. Your friend will have to create an account online and purchase a drop-in or membership in order to make an online reservation.

None of our passes/memberships are shareable.

I’m having troubles logging into my account? System is not letting me book online even though I am a current pass holder?

If you are having troubles accessing your online account please send us an email to info@thehotboxyoga.com and we will respond and resolve your issue within 24 hrs.

If you do have an active membership and can’t make a reservation online it is likely that you may have accidentally created two accounts. Please contact us via email info@thehotboxyoga.com and we will merge these accounts for you.

Are classes at The Hot Box Yoga a good workout? What if I’m looking for a more relaxing and restorative class?

Absolutely. All of our classes are a vinyasa-based style of yoga meaning flowing with breath. Each posture links into another allowing for seamless transitions into each pose whilst increases your heart-rate, strengthening, toning, and detoxifying the body and the mind. Some classes are a higher intensity than others ie. Power is a faster-paced flow and more challenging than our Flow or Hipster class. Please see our ‘Styles’ link for further information on our class styles.

Those seeking a restorative practice should attend our Yin and Zen classes. These two class styles are focused more on increasing flexibility, elimination of stress and anxiety, and very relaxing.

We encourage all of our students to go at their own pace, modify and rest as needed, and tailor the practice to suit their own individual needs. Mindfulness and compassion are very important in yoga practice.

Will I lose weight? What should I eat before/after? I’ve heard you need to stay very hydrated – how do I do this?

Yes. With regular hot yoga practice students find their bodies becoming significantly trimmer and toned. The added bonus is hot yoga improves the major systems of the body, increasing health and vitality, which is the best way to lose weight in the long term. Of course a balanced diet should also play an important part.

We recommend eating a light meal 2+ hours before you practice and to refuel with a healthy snack 15-30 min. after class.

It’s important to stay hydrated before and after class. It’s a good habit to keep a water bottle on hand throughout your day to maintain high levels of hydration.

Do I need to book a class in advance? Why is the system not allowing me to book online without purchasing?

Online bookings are optional and recommended for current pass holders. Walk-ins & drop-ins are always welcome (without pre-registration). Please arrive at least 15 min. prior to class time if you are new to the studio. Clients without a current membership will be prompted to purchase a series or drop-in before they are able to make an online reservation. No telephone bookings will be taken.

Do I get to attend my first class at The Hot Box Yoga for free? I’d like to buy the First-Timer special but I want to try it before I buy?

Free classes are only granted to those in possession of a free class pass voucher.

If you are brand new to the studio you are eligible for our First-Timer 2 Week Unlimited Special at just $39. Those that wish to ‘try’ the class first can attend the class and then decide afterwards whether they wish to pay for the Drop-In or take advantage of our First-Timer 2 Week Unlimited Special.

How hot is it in the yoga studio? Are all of the classes heated?

Unlike most traditional hot yoga studios we are 25% cooler. We use Far Infrared Radiant Heating panels to heat the room to a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius. Our heating is safe, detoxifying, comfortable, and therapeutic which allows for an exhilarating and complete yoga experience. Sticky mats are recommended. Towels and Mat Towels are optional yet not required.

All of our scheduled classes are heated with the exception of our ‘Karma’ classes of which are a warm class (un-heated) but still warm and cosy from previous heated classes running throughout the day. These ‘Karma’ classes are great for students that feel they may need to acclimatize to our regular heated classes.

I need to update my credit card information on file for my auto-renew membership. How do I relay this information safely?

If your credit card is close to expiring (2 months to expiry or less) our system will allow you to edit your billing information within your online account. Here’s how to update:

1. Go to http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=20396
2. Log in. (Your user name is email address)
3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Otherwise, upon your next visit to the studio, please notify our front desk staff of your new credit card information so they can update your billing information accordingly. The system will not allow edits to your billing information unless your credit card is 2 months or less to its expiration date.